Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Flings and Little Gays

Check out the embedded ads for the Mars Fling candy bar and something called Europride (educate me, GG).

If there's "a little gay in everyone," mine was on display last night in my white-knuckled viewing of the American Idol final results show. My pick, Adam Lambert, obviously deserved to win, but didn't get the votes. At least he was spared the tragedy of having to continue performing "No Boundaries," this year's metaphor-loaded victory ballad. Kris, the new Idol, actually apologized for winning. Good luck to them both. Nice guys with their own GG/SG dynamic.

Back to the ads... WTF? More examples of how straight guys can't win. The clumsy buffoon in the top ad never stood a chance against a candy bar. In advertising, women are always more aroused by chocolate or shampoo than they are by the men standing right next to them. And, yes, it IS naughty when each packet contains two "fingers" for you to enjoy.

As for the second ad, in my book "a little gay" is a Kenneth Cole purchase or man-crushing on old Steve McQueen movies. I'll own up to both. But, there's nothing "little" about elaborate, full-drag, cabaret performance fantasies. Still, I get it. All in good fun... until his wife comes home early from work one afternoon.

Readers: Anything "a little gay" in you? Do your prefer chocolate to anonymous sexual encounters with schlubby dudes in public places? What's wrong with you?

--Straight Guy

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Anonymous said...

Actually nothing beats sharing a Hershey Bar while having public sex

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