Pope's Posse: Adding Some Miss to the Swiss

Straight Guy,

The Swiss Guard, with 500+ years of protecting the Pope under its pantaloons, is considering opening its ranks to women, according to this recent news bite.

I think letting women into the Swiss Guard is a great idea, if for no other reason than they would bring a fashion-forward yet tailored look to the squad. Maybe get Gucci on board. In kindest terms the Swiss Guard has something of a flamboyant look going on. Look at them on parade, they look like the Rockettes Under the Big Top Circus Salute.

I do have to admit that I am eternally grateful to the Swiss Guard uniform -- best Halloween costume I ever made, bar none.

Here's a paragraph with a familiar ring. The previous commander of the guard
"argued that mixing the sexes could be more trouble than it was worth and cited cramped Vatican barracks as another reason for excluding women."

Cramped barracks? . . . hmm, where have I heard this lame reason to discriminate before? Oh, right, one of the reasons not to allow out service members. It got us Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I hope the new "Swiss Miss Battalion" of the Guard fares better.

--Gay Guy

Straight Guy here... willing to pay top dollar for photos of that Halloween costume... Anyone?


Kathryn said...

YES! Let the bidding begin....!

Gay Guy said...

Come on folks, those two guards are cruising each other, can't you see. As usual (at least in my experiences), one (on the right) is doing all the work, while the other is playing hard to get.

Gay Guy said...

P.S. I still have the beret from my costume, but I fear the rest of it has gone into the mists of time.

knitlikeyoumeanit.com said...

GG, you are avoiding the key question: where are photos of you in the costume?

If none exist, the masses demand a photo of you in the beret.

Anonymous said...

There is no straight or gay man I know can ever go without sex for 2 LONG years especially where there are so many other young guards too have nookie with. I think the Vatican having Swiss guard is a joke as rules are there to broken and obeyed on the hush. I will say let's wait until the next gay scandal too come out of the Vatican. Any bets for how long until the next scandals too come out lol. Since John Paul 2nd has died respect and creditability of the church has declined a lot since he's died because his pope is far less proactive than John Paul 2nd ever was

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