Suzanne, Sophia, or Charlotte: Games Straight Men Don't Play

Straight Guy,

The death of Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls chat forces me to tell you about a little game that gay men used to play.

Take a TV show about four women with diverse and strong personalities. Add four gay men--friends who know each other well works best, but random strangers have been known to hold up in a pinch. Admit which female character you are most like. Enlighten others about their true TV female foursome selves. Laugh.

This started with Designing Women. Golden Girls followed. The tradition had nearly died out when Sex and the City came along.

Yeah, stereotypically gay, but frequently hilarious. Ugh, why do I admit these things? I have no doubt that straight men find this story horrifying.

I don't know if younger gay men play this game with say, Entourage.

Okay: I was consistently voted Julia from Designing Women, Dorothy from Golden Girls, and Miranda from Sex and the City. Yep. The non-nonsense, somewhat aloof, hyper-verbal, acid-tongued ones. Lovely, just lovely.

Why do I tell you this things? You will just torture me with my own story.

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

Gay Guy,

From your blogging style, I'd agree with the sharp-tongued rationale.

David said...

I think I remember watching Golden Girls while visiting my Grandma but I'm not 100% sure. There's not to much of that era that I remember. Is there a comparable show on now?

Gay Guy said...

David, I don't really know. Maybe Desperate Housewives, but I have never seen it.

Have you ever seen Enterouge (sp?, which is not exactly the same premise, but close. Just with men. I think Straight Guy watches it.

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