Checking Our Equipment

Esquire has posted a list of 31 things every man should own. A little bit of everything from chainsaws to "Joy of Cooking." But they put it in an annoying web-slideshow to maximize their ad views. Be patient.

I came in at about 23 or 24 (who has custom fitted boots?).

Maybe it was a little straight-focused, but how did you do, GG? And what of your essentials were not on the list? (Didn't see anything from the 2xist line.)

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Reminds me why I don't read these "must" magazines - "you must dine in Manhattan, you must have a money clip, you must worship John Updike, you must summer in the Hamptons." Y'all must kiss my ass. (I know this was a "should own" list not a "must own", but I took the opportunity to vent anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Every straight guy should have a gay guy, and vice versa. It's a symbiotic relationship.

David said...

I've got boots but they aren't custom made. And can I combine the card holder and money clip? Because I use a wallet (which I spend six bucks on).

Gay Guy said...

I scored 14. I have a fairly well stocked tool kit, including cordless drill. You betcha on the atlas.

What I don't have is all the car crap (no car) and all the creepy slasher movie stuff (ax and chain saw). Nor a BBQ grill, which is generally frowned upon in a densely populated urban area proven to be prone to fires.

Oh, and given my packed urban 'hood, I don't have a garage to store all this crap in. You know, my chain saw and all.

Question: What's the grease for? Should I let my imagination roam?

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