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Straight Guy,

Here's a new study about women's sense of smell. It reveals that women are better at catching the scent of body odor than men. Really? This is new research? Ask any teenage boy in America about his mother, her sense of smell, and his armpits, and he'll tell you that this is not new research.

The point of the research is that not even a liberal dousing of fragrance could mask B.O. for women, while men get lost in the cologne zone. Seriously, this is important stuff because researchers surmise that the biological data floating around in sweat helps women choose good mates.

Here's where it gets interesting to me. The same research institute published research about gay men and scent in 2005, which suggested that gay men prefer the odor of other gay men. Finding your sexual partner, not matter your orientation, has a basis in biology.

I like the way a man smells. As long as he smells good. Good, meaning clean. A little air. Some soap. Some sun. I'm easy.

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

So, if a woman can sniff out her future man, why can't she also sniff out the future wet towel he'll leave on the bathroom floor? Why does the biological data only go so far?

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, and not just about the research study. I am taken by Gay Guy's reference to the "Cologne Zone." He's taking about women, but I am interested if either of you wears cologne. Always? On special occasions? If, so when? Do you think either gay or straight men wearing cologne more often? Is there a stereotype at work here?

Kathryn said...

I'm with GG-air, soap, sun....yum. We should put our noses together...I'll help you look & you help me.

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