Rained In

Straight Guy,

What's going on here?

This evening, a friend and I passed a small park with a baseball diamond. There were two guys out there throwing a baseball. Playing catch. One on the pitcher's mound, the other on home plate. Just throwing the ball.

Did I mention it was raining? Baseball diamond turning into mud?

"They have something to talk about," said my friend, who is female and married.

"Huh?" said I.

"Yeah, they have something to talk about," she said. "So, they are out throwing a ball.

"They must really have something to talk about if they are out there in the rain," she said.

Straight Guy, is talking about what's on your mind --or deeper --worth standing out in the rain? Do you talk over catch? Toss the ball instead of talking for the same net effect?

I can hold in my feelings, too. But standing out in the rain? That's a different story.

What's up?

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

GG - I've heard of such but don't understand it either. I have a terrible throwing arm so I don't play catch and haven't been invited. That may be the root of many of my deep seated psychological problems. Want to throw a ball and talk about it? Oh, never mind...

Straight Guy said...

Standard straight guy therapy. Sometimes it's easier NOT to talk and just connect around a shared activity.

Gay Guy, watch or read "A River Runs Through It." It's a period story about a lot of things, but is mostly about a family of men who cannot connect intellectually, philosophically, or emotionally. But they are bound together by the ritual of fly fishing. It's the only way the can understand and appreciate each other. The book is masculine but sentimental, the movie stars a young Brad Pitt. Take your pick.

Gay Guy said...

Oh, God, not River Runs Through It. Never again. Fish, fish, fish. Sky, sky, sky.

That movie is a man divide, even in the gay world. Either you get it or you don't.

Straight Guy said...

"I am haunted by waters." Book is better in this case.

Good read for straight guys. Not much dialogue, and best of all, only 150 pages or so.

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