Collar Stays: Gay/Straight Haberdashery 911

As Straight Guy mentioned, he and I are out of town on a work assignment. It's tough. Not only is it long hours with little sleep, it involves playing Dress Up Ken all day and night. Yes, it's true: Straight Guy is wearing dress shoes this week. He looks quite dapper, may I add.

Late this afternoon, Straight Guy calls my hotel room. " Gay Guy," he says. "Straight Guy here. Do you bring any . . uhm . . . uhm . . . what are they called? Those pointy things. You know, that go in your shirt/"

"Ah, collar stays," say I. "Yes, I packed collar stays."

Straight Guy swung by my hotel room on his way out. I think he was impressed that I yanked the stays out of the shirt I was wearing to give to him.

--Gay Guy


John said...

I hate dressing up. Give me jeans and a comfy shirt any day. Although, once in a blue moon I guess it's okay as one does tend to look "dapper" when all spruced up. Still, it warms the cockles of my heart (see? I still have "cockles" so I must be traditional too!) that my blue jeans irk elitists like George Will.

Kathryn said...

GG: I skimmed this post so quickly, I misread it to say that SG was wearing a dress & shoes whilst visiting here. Definitely made me wonder what you guys do for a living! Burlesque, perhaps? Are you still in the big apple??

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