Helluva Town

Gay Guy and I are working in New York City this week. Big project. Late deadlines. Little sleep. Not much blogging.

Readers, if we get a break, what should we do?

--Straight Guy


Anonymous said...

Try and fit in breakfast at Norma's (booking essential!). It's fantastic.



John said...

Take in a Broadway show or reenact the Empire Building scene from Sleepless in Seattle (SG as Hanks and GG as Griffith or if you're both daring reverse the roles)!

Ha! Just kidding, had to be said. Not sure really but I do highly recommend little neighborhood Italian restaurants if you like that kind of food. Stay away from the chains or expensive big ones, the lil' ones I went to while there had excellent food at decent prices. The atmosphere was nicer too.

Kathryn said...

Hit Chinatown and ask/look around for dime-sized turtles and fake-rolex's...always fun.

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