Gays Don't Care About Beer?

Straight Guy,

Met some friends at a (gay) bar last evening.

Overheard conversation:

"This draft beer is bad."

"Yeah, really flat. Something's wrong."

"You can't get good draft beer in a gay bar."

"Yeah, (deep sigh). Sadly, they don't have the right clientele."

"Too bad. The beer at my neighborhood Irish bar is so good."

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

This is why I've never been a fan of gay bars (in the UK or the USA) - you can't get a decent beer in any of them! I drink in places where I like the drinks and that's about it. I don't agree with gay bars out of principle. Is there such a thing as a straight bar? No. There are bars and there are gay bars. It's completely self-imposed segregation. Are gay people ever going to be truly accepted by the community as a whole if they keep pigeonholing themselves into "the gay community". Where are the black bars and the disabled bars and the other minority bars? They don't exist, and neither should gay bars.


Kathryn said...

I personally am delighted when I meet a guy who will drink's nice to share a bottle, instead of him with his Corona and me with my...bottle....ahem.

Anonymous said...

As a gay man I see this beer myth as another stereotype. Not everyone is the same, gay or straight. As for myself I love a good beer, which is completely independent of sexuality.
-on a sidebar-
to Tig: Minority groups or those who feel left out of the "mainstream" tend to group together. Gay bars were created to help embrace, connect and entertain gay patrons. The same people who could face ridicule or even bodily harm at "straight" establishments.

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