Straight Guy Gift Guide, Day 5: Dining Room Ping-Pong

Gay Guy,

Let's go halfsies on this. It's perfect for your dinner parties, and perfect for my after parties... An ornate black-lacquered dining room table with a floral centerpiece that, when turned, transforms it into a regulation ping-pong table. We both win.

You can tell this is a top-notch product because they suggest serving some sort of red wine in a champagne glass with your hamburger and fries. Then, you play ping-pong in your cocktail attire. Which Bond movie was that from?

Right now it's only available in Shanghai.

Shutting down the gift guide for a while until I stockpile another batch of this nonsense.

--Straight Guy

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Gay Guy said...

I love this!! Really. How practical? And, a conversation starter.

I'm not good at ping pong -- the ball is too small--so I would be a hazard. Flailing my paddle around. The glass of wine would soon get spilled.

Who puts red wine in a champagne flute?

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