Swing and a Miss: Getting Hit On by the Wrong Team

Straight Guy,
Thanks a lot for all the blogging. Work's been a bite, so not much energy here. Not much of a social life for me either.

Frequent commenter and fellow blogger John asked a question a few weeks ago: When we have gone out together "has SG ever been hit on by any gays or GG ever been hit on any straight women?"

No men have ever asked me about Straight Guy's availability or hit on him. I must say that I resist the urge to take him to a gay bar -- the field trip of a lifetime -- because I know he'd get hit on and I wouldn't. I'd never forgive him. Sometimes women have told me that SG is nice looking; maybe they were fishing for more. There's not much info for me to give out. For the entire time I've known SG he's either been dating, engaged to, or married to Mrs. Straight Guy.

Have straight women hit on me in Straight Guy's presence? Only a few times. I put my outness out there, so I don't get hit on much by straight women. Sober straight women that is.

A few years ago, SG, some friends, and I were traveling for work. We were to meet at a bar. I forget why, but SG and I arrived separately. I arrived first and caught a seat at the bar to wait. A woman at the bar slid toward me, bar stool by bar stool, until she was almost on top of me. Literally. I made some polite conversation, mostly just answering her questions. I kept thinking, '"Do I have to spell it out?" She was starting to slide her hand up my jacket sleeve, when I made a break for the men's room. Turn around and there was SG and our friends laughing. Apparently the scene was hilarious.

--Gay Guy

Readers, What about you? Have you ever been hit on by someone of the incompatible sexual preference? Leave a comment to let us know.


knitlikeyoumeanit.com said...

I cannot believe I missed whatever trip this was. Surely SG telling it is almost as funny as that Donkey Story that gives me fits if I even think about it.

Straight Guy said...

Hey Knit,

If the Donkey Story is what I think it is, then I must let our readers know that it's NOT what they might think it is. Seriously, its about a pitiful but lovable PONY named TipToe, but that's a something for another time.

Straight Guy said...

Yeah, I don't think folks get their wires crossed on us very much, GG. Neither of us is obvious-obvious so that you'd know from a mile away.

But someone told us that they wondered about me for a little while, just because we hang out together at work. Then she joined us for lunch at a restaurant and it became clear. Was it the pad thai cheeseburger? Are my table manners that bad?

If only she'd heard me blathering about American Idol and seen that you could care less. That would have kept the mystery alive.

(My take on the new season, not a fan of Kara or the new judges' save rule. Had to get that out there.)

Gay Guy said...


Not the pad thai cheeseburger, not the table manners. The shoes.

Am I the last person in America to have never seen American Idol? Frankly, I get enough reality, tension, and judgment in the course of a normal day. I don't need to go looking for it on TV. I used to make an exception for 'What Not to Wear' but it just got too mean and sarcastic, even for me.

knitlikeyoumeanit.com said...

Oh, right, Tiptoe WAS a pony...I just snickered out loud here in the coffee shop thinking about it. But GG is right - The Story has nothing to do with being hit on (or hitting on) inappropriate animals, staight, gay, or otherwise. K

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