How Do YOU Roll? Gay/Straight Car Survey

Straight Guy,

Sorry to be quiet over here in Gayland. Work's been a drain.

Speaking of silence, you still haven't told me how you new mini-van is working out. But now you can. Amazing, non? wants to know what straights and gays drive. Yes, straight people, too. In fact, the survey is "actively recruiting non-LGBT respondents." We gays love to recruit. And, cruise, with or without cars.

Since I don't drive, someone be sure to tell me what happens after question one. That's right, readers: GG does not drive. How gay is that?

SG, while you and our car-driving readers are filling out the survey, I'll come up with some posts.

--Gay Guy


Jamie said...

I drive a Saturn Ion, and my previous was a Saturn Vue.

Anonymous said...


It is more accurate to say that you can drive, but that you don't have a car.

Gay Guy said...

Yes, true. I meant to clarify. I have a license and enjoy driving from time to time. GG does not enjoy registering cars by going to the Siberian wasteland called the DMV, maintaining cars, paying insurance, having car payments, looking for parking after the bars close at 2 a.m., and paying/dodging the resulting parking tickets. Nor can he remember his license plate number.

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