Gay / Straight Haircuts: Dues for your "Do"

Gay Guy,

The economy is crazy. I know we don't often get into economic issues on the blog. But I have to speak my mind. Yes, those AIG bonuses are maddening to rest of us in the workaday world, but to add insult to injury, my $10 haircut has just jumped in price to $14! Who do these fat cats think they are?

I don't expect you to share my pain, GG. I am aware that you regularly visit establishments which are classified as "salons" and have paid much higher prices for a simple cut that can be best described as the "Matt Lauer." I also know that you disappear for hours when you get this done, partly because your stylist's shop is across town, also requiring hefty cab fare. Plus, you get yours cut about twice as often as I do. You've refused to divulge the net costs of your haircuts.

For many years, I've been a regular patron of a 6-chair neighborhood shop. The staff are an ever-changing roster of very kind but tough-as-nails Asian women. I don't think they take appointments, because there is a severe language barrier between staff and most patrons. This problem is addressed by the posting of about 100 front and back sample haircut photos. I have probably never used more than 20 different words in my 10-plus years as a customer.

[Sidebar: Their ire was raised once many years ago when I asked Mrs. Straight Guy to buzz my head with a hair-trimmer. The thing conked out about halfway through and I had to go to them for help. They reviewed my scalp as a team, and I was firmly scolded by their leader/translator. "Why do you do this? This is job for professional!" Since this a place where they still finish a session by shaving the back of your neck with a 6-inch swing-blade straight razor, I have never crossed them again.]

Readers, I've posted polls below. It's completely anonymous, so let us know...

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

Being a gal, I assume I'm not allowed to vote. (Gives guys evil eye.) I actually bought that "As Seen On TV" magic-haircutting-thingie a few years ago and have been "cutting" da boys (ages 17 and 12) hair ever since. Yes, I do a crappy job...and yes, I have a glass of Cloudy whilst attempting this. The boys like their hair long(er) and I'm just fearful enough of screwing it up that I err on the long side, which makes 'em happy. My logic is that they're boys...and it'll grow back...but I believe I'm getting better each time. But this may just be the liquor talking.

David said...

I'm so cheap, I aim for the Tuesday special when I can get my hair cut for $12 rather than the normal $15. I'll also put off having another cut for a month or two.

So, to whom do I surrender this membership card?

Straight in Upstate said...

I saloned it in my 20s and 30s, then went back to barber shops where there are no appointments and the magazines are sports, guns, and Maxim. However, the barber is Melissa.

Favorite barber shop - South Philly, where the Italian gentleman called me "sir" and would hand me the comb - "How does Sir prefer to part his hair?", so there was no mistake.

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