Gay Guy / Straight Guy Bad Idea Award: Fireshaving

Gay Guy,
Fire shaving can be used on all the same areas as regular shaving. Faces, legs, and manscape are all fair game for fire shaving, and while the exact prep work and procedure may change slightly for the different areas, the basic technique is the same. Start off by modifying the lighter to give around a 2" flame. A flame of this length is large enough to burn off a good area of hair at once, while still being easy to control...

If you don't know about, it's a site where everyone can share their bits of expertise on a wide range of topics: crafts, home improvement, technology, recycling, whatever. Just write it up, step by step, upload some photos, and voila, you are now the premier authority.

This kid, however, is a nut job.
I have no problem with shaving like a normal person, there are many things I do like a normal person. It is just sometimes I want a quick way to eradicate all the little hairs on my face without all the ceremonious procedures of a regular shaving.

Ummm, OK. And protectively wrapping your head in painter's tape is not a ceremonious procedure?

Honestly, I would rank flame-powered, below-the-belt, manscaping right up there with waterboarding as an effective way to get people to talk. But I have plenty of blue painter's tape, and you're welcome to have a roll if you're feeling adventurous, GG.

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Do you remove the blue painter's tape before you get wheeled into the ER with second-degree burns, or do you leave it to the medics?

JUST AARON said...

Am I speaking with Gay Guy or Straight Guy? Regardless, I once tried shaving with a bic lighter which resulted in the best off season tan I ever had. Love your blog(s)

Straight Guy said...


Ouch. But thanks for reading. Gay Guy is always around. But hasn't been posting much this week, due to the demands of the workplace and his full social calendar.

FWIW: We're friends and this is a joint effort.

Gay Guy said...

Regarding the manscaping: I can't really handle the thought of ripping the blue painter's tape from my skin and hair down there, let alone trippling a little flame over the short hairs. No way.

Aaron, I am ALL about a nice healthy glow that only a tan can give. . . but what inspired you to try this? Welcome and keep talking with us

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