Straight Guy Gift Guide: Chopsticks Aid

If anyone has any idea where you can actually buy these, let me know. I'm not above using the gripper tool (joins chopsticks into crude tongs) which is sometimes provided gratis at better establishments.

I have plenty of dexterity when it comes to other tasks and tools. But I've just about given up on chopsticks. Gay Guy has mad skills, though. I blame genetics. I don't have the chopstick gene. Our co-workers love sushi, so I am publicly shamed on a regular basis. Now I have hope.

--Straight Guy

I have a few more gift ideas in my files. Indulge me over the next few days...


Gay Guy said...

Straight Guy, I think you overestimate my chopsticks skills. I don't think I am particulary good. I am somewhat in awe of people who are good.

Like most things in life, chopstick dexterity is something I fake and just act like I know what I am doing. Usually works.

Tip to faking it with chopsticks. Bend your head down really close to the plate. Reducing the travel time and space really helps.

Straight in Upstate said...

I know GG skipped taking physics, I don't know about SG. It's just a fulcrum with the pivot point near one end. One stick is stationary, you only have to move the second one.

yes, I'm flaunting. Using chopsticks is the only thing (and I mean the only thing) I've been good at the very first time I did it. It's not much, but it's all I have to cling to.

Kathryn said...

Closest I could find for actual purchase was something called "Chopstick Kids"...little silicone boy and girl-shaped bodies with chopsticks for legs. (Rolls eyes.)Evidently, the "Chopstick Aid" is only a prototype at this time. I'm with GG: keep your head down and fake it!

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