Straight, But Gay on Craigslist. Thanks, Honey!

Angry ex-girlfriend gets her revenge by posing online as her boyfriend, only gay...
The ad, which was posted in Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" section, included several photos of the 24-year-old..., including one explicit image, and his business phone number.

There are worse things that can happen. But this is only half the story. He must have done something. Thank goodness Glenn Close didn't have these options in Fatal Attraction. "You will not be ignored!"

Now I know that when Gay Guy does me wrong, I will punish him by posting an "encounters" entry describing him as a Dockers-wearing, NASCAR-loving, Applebee's-eating, straight guy. But I won't give out his work number. That's just mean.

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

That's just mean. Ingenious. But mean.

Anonymous said...

Nothing compared to something I saw on xtube (not that I frequent it, of course, *cough* - I was actually told to look at this by someone I work with). Seems some girl (probably at the University I work at) has been having cam2cam (that's what it's called, so I'm told...erm...) with various male undergraduate students...then keeping a copy of the video of them...erm...enjoying themselves and uploading it to xtube, with their name and the name of the University on it. Whilst it's hilariously funny - how mean is that?!?!

Kathryn said...

Aw, man. The Craig's list thing is a predictable, you'll-be-sorry kinda way. The x-tube thing is just devious...reminds me of people that unleash spyware/virus's...just for the sick thrill of knowing others will crash & burn.
Too sad.

Gay Guy said...

The worst extraction of revenge I ever thought of was to call the parents of a guy who dumped me and tell them that he's gay. Being out to his parents was a barrier to love for him. I figured I could help him with the hurdle.

In case you think I am a sick puppy, I never even looked up their number. Really.

Anonymous said...

craigslist is a great place for straight guys who want to play a little to get free BJs with swallow.its amazing how many guys out there will respond to a ad to suck you off without any sort of reciprocation whatsoever. they will jump on your dong like there diabetic and your cock has insulin in it......i wonder how many of them have contracted AIDs

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