Lame Straight Stereotype Proves True: Hot Cars = Hot Ladies

From the Wired magazine archives...
David Moxon subjected 40 men and women to the sounds of a Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari, then measured the amount of testosterone in their saliva. He found everyone had higher levels of the stuff -- a measure of their arousal -- after hearing the revving exotics, but the amount the women had was off the charts.

The econobox, however, left everyone colder than a January day in Nome.

The study was commissioned by the ultra-exclusive British insurer Hiscox (we swear we're not making this up), which was curious to know how people respond to high-end luxury cars. "We knew owners of luxury cars felt a connection with the sound of their vehicles," says Steve Langan, managing director of the insurance company. "We have now scientifically proven the physical attraction people feel when it comes to cars."

Well, this solves one important mystery. I can now lay complete blame on my family's Pontiac Parisienne station wagon for the fact that I got no action on prom night, 1985. It had nothing to do with me... or my Miami Vice (TM) tuxedo rental. How could it?

--Straight Guy

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Gay Guy said...

How the hell does anyone tell the difference between a Saturn and a Subaru? Between and pedicab and a Porsche. Did they tell the participants what they were listening to?

I guess there'd be no saliva for my bike with the piggy-oink squeezy horn?

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