Not Carnevale, Not Mardi Gras. . . . It's. . . It's???

Straight Guy,

The nonsensically expensive and upscale grocery store near me hijacked a corner of the store and suddenly began wrapping it in pink bunting. Started populating it with flowers. Too early for Mardi Gras, I puzzled. A nod of the head to Carnivale? Oh, Valentine's. Right.

Did you get Mrs. Straight Guy a card, I hope?

Everyone, for those in love, out of it, longing, laughing, straight, gay, or just a mess, there's six words or less for you. The Washington Post collected readers' love stories of six words or less. Very fun.

My favorite: "Excellent tooth-to-ball-cap ratio."

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

I thought "He brought doughnuts. I was sold" summed up my fantasy man.

Straight in Upstate said...

Some were witty, some were sappy, and some were an open oozing wound, i.e. incest, cheating, despair. Ouch.

PS I didn't scroll down that far, but I agree with GG on the tooth-to-ballcap ratio one. I myself live in a tooth-optional community.

Kathryn said...

Loved those stories...kept the page up and scrolled back and forth all day. It seems to have struck a cord with a lot of people. My fav: "Wanted: Emotionally unavailable man. Drama provided."

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