Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves

The captions aren't really necessary, and many of them aren't funny. The photos are enough.

If you engage in this sick fetish, you should know that the authorities in the UK are working to make this kind of abuse criminal. Here are the details from the Daily Mail.

--Straight Guy


John said...

I hate seeing dogs dressed up like this. A Halloween costume for one night, I can live with that, though I don't do it myself, but all the time? Just absurd. Now as for legal action, except in extreme circumstances I'm totally against giving Big Brother another reason to interfere with our rights.

Straight Guy said...

No... like the low-pants police in Michigan, this is just as unenforceable. Ridiculous does not equal dangerous. I'm sure there are a few kinky pets who enjoy the attention, too.

Gay Guy said...

A female friend of mine put a doll's dress on her cat. She swore he liked it. I remained unconvinced. Especially because the dress was royal blue with puffed short sleeves. Not even a cross-dressing cat would choose to dress like a bride's maid.

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