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Straight Guy,

Well, your people are everywhere now, aren't they? Getting into our gay stuff.

I found this straight guy Oscar fashion commentary by Straight Steve.

Is this a pretty fair straight guy take on the ladies?

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

Whatever. The guy has the hots for Portman, fair enough. She did look great. The rest is just blather. "She wore the dress. The dress didn't wear her." What? This isn't any more honest or helpful than the rest of the noise from your team, GG. Does he care or not?

And why is Miley Cyrus at the Academy Awards, anyway?

Beyond the Bjork swan debacle or a bow that was too big (yes Biel made that mistake this year), I don't often "get" all the commentary. Most of these women look great. But some try too hard. Enough said.

My 2¢: Tilda Swinton continues to scare the bejeezus out of me, no matter what she wears. What's her deal? That reaction is usually reserved for gay icons like Eartha and Cher. Needless to say, if I ever bump into that KoJo dude (another 20% beyond gay, right?) I will run screaming the other way and need to find fresh undies.

Next year, this gig is ours.

Gay Guy said...

SG, if you and I took over this gig next year then for once male celebs would get their moment in the starlight/cruel light of criticism. They are undeservedly neglected. There are SO many things to say about a tux and I have all the adjectives written down and ready to go: Stop, drop and roll aren't just directions for if you catch on fire -- those are fashion words, too.

This year I would have excoriated Mickey Rourke and sent him away with Tilda Swinton until he can dress properly.

SFO said...

Yes, this is exactly what we need: GG and SG commenting on the Oscars. Better--GG and SG should HOST the Oscars! That'd be fun. GG, what would you make Hugh Jackman do to hold onto his job?

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