Gay Rights Epicenter Named Historic Site

Straight Guy,

Sometimes a house is not just a house. . . and even more than a home.

In Washington, D.C., the historic sites powers-that-be just named the home of Frank Kameny, the "Father of Gay Activism" an historic site. The Washington Post coverage was nice, but barely scratches the pioneering work of Dr. Kameny, now 83. I am thrilled that this happened while he is alive and well.

A fast overview of why we should all be grateful for his life and for the work that went on in his home: From this site, Kameny worked tirelessly as a community organizer to press for the end of discrimination against gay men and lesbians. Kameny played a leading role in reversing both the law and public opinion regarding:
  • denial of security clearances to homosexuals,
  • removal of homosexuals from the military,
  • denial of employment by the federal Civil Service Commission,
  • the criminalization of homosexuality and homosexual practices,
  • entrapment and harassment by police and other civil authorities, and
  • classification of homosexuality as psychiatric disorder

SG, I know this is more of a gay issue, but it's historic and I know you agree that civil rights victories for one are civil rights victories for all.

Update: Monday, March 2
See a nice post on the topic on the blog, The New Gay. It's a post today, you just have to scroll down a bit to get to it. Well worth the read. The New Gay is a good blog, specific to Washington, D.C., but full of good general posts.

--Gay Guy

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SFO said...

This is a great story. So glad it happened. You are right, GG, Equal rights for one are equal rights for all.

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