Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Pepsi Max... More Straight Guy Abuse

"Pepsi Max: The First Diet Cola for Men!"

Ummmm. No.

Not for most straight guys, anyway. Certainly not for these schlubs. Not because they don't need it. Because they DON'T CARE. Look at them. Hopeless.

As I've pointed out in the past, it's easy to abuse straight guys in the name of humor. We're a safe, target-rich demographic. Maybe we deserve it. I don't know. Perhaps we've been dishing it out for so long, it's our turn to take it for a while. We haven't always been nice, but have we ever been this mean? Can you imagine any other group ridiculed and beat down like this in a national ad campaign?

So yes, this is fair payback for those idiotic Go Daddy commercials and all the other objectification in Superbowl ads this year. But can Pepsi Max for Men please quickly go the way of New Coke?

I'm going to drink whole milk from the jug, out of spite.

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

Milk, out of the container?

I've never drunk milk out of the container. Somehow, I am jealous.

John said...

Meh. I prefer Coke anyways.

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