Wait, Wait . . . It's the Village People! Gay Guy in Retro Ecstasy

Straight Guy,

I love NPR's weekly news quiz show, "Wait, Wait. . . Don't Tell Me." Listening is addictive--my Saturday morning is incomplete without listening to it.

A segment of each show is "Not My Job," in which famous people are asked three questions about something they know absolutely nothing about. It's great fun. To give you an idea of how it words, one of the gem interviews of all time is Southern food celebrity chef and yummarific goddess Paula Deen trying to answer questions about tofu.

Today's special guests were two of the original members of the Village People--the Indian and the Construction Worker. Yes, the Village People live and in person, not just on vinyl. Listen to the Village People on today's Wait, Wait on NPR.

Ah . . . the Village People. So camp--but where would a wedding reception, high school reunion, or bat mitzvah be without a DJ and some Village People.

One of my favorite Gay Guy/Straight Guy stories from our 15+ year friendship is attending your wedding, SG. A total blast. Met lots of your friends at the reception. We chatted away until the DJ put on the Village People's "YMCA." I'm told that my head popped up like a Merkat. YMCA = My people are somewhere in the house! I think I pegged the only other other gay man there. If he wasn't, no matter. Everyone danced like mad. I can still see SG hopping up and down, making the "Y."

Good times, SG, good times.

SG, because I know you love the them so much, here's a bonus. Watch the Muppet's rendition of another Village People classic, "In the Navy."

--Gay Guy

P.S.: Another bonus track: Listen to Paula Deen take on tofu on her "Not My Job" segment.


Straight in Upstate said...

You have made my day, GG. I missed WW, DTM yesterday. I love the show, and the Not My Job segment is always hilarious. And any post where you can fit in "meerkat" is a winner.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That was so hilarious-sounds like SG's wedding was a blast.

Straight Guy said...

It was a blast, Oddyoddyo.

Years later, some of it's a blur. I remember the dance floor filling to capacity for YMCA. Where were these folks during the polkas, apron dances, and other old-world traditions in which I was forced to participate?

Funny note: We didn't shell out for a professional videographer, but the firehall where we had the reception made a recording from some security cameras for us. I'll have to dig up those tapes to see if I can find GG's meerkat moment.

another gay gay said...


Thanks so much for the post. I've been away for a while, but am looking to get caught up on your recent posts.

Glad to listen to the Village People interview, but it was even more fun to know how it inspired some fun at Straight Guy's wedding. I love it when you blog together or when you write about something that affects both of you. It's what makes your blog fun to read and original.

P.S. The Paula Deen interview on Wait Wait is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I just learned this morning that Phylicia Rashad was married to the "Cop" - "Naval Officer" Village People lead singer! Who knew?!?!?!?

BosGuy said...

GG I share your same addiction - for NPR's program; just to be clear. Great story about you and your merkat like impression.

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