Gay/Straight Viral Video: Second City's Sassy Gay Friend

What, what, what are you doin', Straight Guy?

Whatever it is, here's Sassy Gay Friend to the rescue. Well, not really, because you're not a woman, and this is a blog and not a play by Shakespeare. But otherwise, he's here for you.

Take a look at these three vids from Second City. Basic nibbet: Sassy Gay Friend inserts himself into one of Shakespeare's works (he's up to three so far) to keep heroines from doing something very stupid, even if that's her literary destiny. (She's not self destructive, she's just written that way.)

There's so much that's wrong
with the Sassy Gay Friend concept. It hits so many gay stereotypes. The sass, the scarf, the finger waving. Let me tell you, SG, it's a burden to be so witty and fabulous all the time. To be the only one to see the truth? Stereotype? Sure. Doesn't keep the vids from being funny.

Gay guys make a girl's best friend for lots of reasons. Top of the list is shouting out when a guy is a dud.

"Look at your life! Look at your choices!" You don't need to be one of Shakespeare's heroines to benefit.

See Sassy Gay Friend rescue Ophelia in Hamlet and Desdemona in Othello.

--Gay Guy


Just want to add my warning that the phrase "stupid bitch" is for satirical gay use only. Don't be tempted, straight guys, you can't pull it off.

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

You guys should both do one post together more often-the contrast is refreshing!

Straight in Upstate said...

What pressure, GG! How many women have you talked off the ledge this week? Do you have a quota?

Favorite line: "You took a roofie from a priest!"

Gay Guy said...

Oh, SIU, if you only knew the pressure of being the Sassy Gay Friend (SGF). The finger snapping alone threatens to wear the prints right off my digits.

The advice portfolio for my gal pals this week has pretty much been about the eternal question, "Why are straight men such dicks." Sorry, not you, of course, SIU. Or SG.

Why can't a nice girl meet a nice, grown up guy? Just how long does male adolescence last? Trust me, I've met my share of gay man-boys, so straight males haven't cornered the market on eternal adolescence. SGF hears the same stories over and over about guys who keep falling off the honesty wagon.

Truth be told, I'm a good friend, but not really a SGF. I can't work up the dance moves, scarves look horrible on me, and I never am followed by disco music. I am more the withering glare type.

another gay gay said...

Ha! GG as the 'withering glare' type. I think I can imagine that. GG is more wry than this "Sassy Gay Friend."

I've dated my share of man-boys, too. WTF?

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