Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Brownie Husband

"The perfect blend of rich fudge and emotional intimacy..."

Straight guys, our days are numbered.

--Straight Guy


Anonymous said...

Oooh. I've had a weekend or two where this would have been perfect.

stacey said...

Yes, but can he take out the trash?


Gay Guy said...

I, of course, ill-tempered as I can be, would bite his head off right away.

Straight Guy said...

If they can come u with one of these in flan, GG will be off the market.

Gay Guy said...

Oh, Straight Guy,

You just love to mock my affection for flan. (Tapioca and creme brule, too.) It's a texture thing right?

I think you're just afraid of something sort of viscous in your mouth.

How do you feel about tofu?

Straight Guy said...

Not against it, but not interested, either. It's the only thing that Paula Dean and I agree on.

Otherwise she fails my "trapped in an elevator" test. Strong fail. Only one of us is climbing out alive and my money is not on me.

kathryn said...

Yowsa! I was NOT prepared for the caramel in the center...what a sur-prise!

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