Able to Leap Tall, Dark and Handsome in a Single Bound!: Another Gay Take on Super Heroes

Straight Guy,

Over the past two days, I've been thinking about gays and super heroes. Uhmm . . . remember the last post? I don't normally daydream about super heroes. Much.

Besides a well-earned . . . shall we say . . . fascination with fit men in skin-tight, muscle-revealing, lycra-enhanced body suits with built-in pecs and washboard abs, plused up with -- my personal favorite -- go-go boots . . . Oh, Lordy, what's not to love here . . . there's a meaningful connection between with my peeps and super heroes.

Gays and super heroes grow up knowing to not reveal their true selves. Don't show the very thing that makes you essentially different . . . and wonderful. Am I over-thinking this?

My super hero alter ego is probably Superman. Yep, me and Clark Kent: Born on a fabulous other planet then raised by Midwestern-style parents droning on and on about morality, morality, morality. Yep. Separated at birth.

Here's my real inner super hero, Catty Man, courtesy of a sassy gay magazine quiz.

Catty Man:
"Invulnerable to criticism, this master of the scathing remark unleashes his withering glare and super-sharp tongue only to defend those attacked by bigots and other intolerant blowhards."
Weakness: Loses his powers if someone calls him "Mary"
Archenemy: Rightwing

Straight Guy, do you have a super hero alter ego?

--Gay Guy


another gay guy said...

Admit it, Gay Guy. You made up Catty Man yourself.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Hmm....I don't find it that hard to see your fondness of superheros. LOL Very cute.

Brutalism said...

I was never that into superheroes...then again...I never knew about Catty Man...

kathryn said...

HA! So, where's SG? I'm looking forward to hearing who his alter-ego is in Superville...

Now. Would Catty Man wear go-go boots?

Gay Guy said...

Catty Man would much prefer to wear flip flops, but I think the total look -- and the power-- come from the Go Go boots.

Cassidy said...

I've witnessed Catty Man in action in a restaurant after a dickhead attempted to impress his date by being an asshole to a beleaugered waitress. The description is perfect, even if GG wrote it himself (which I doubt he did). Rock the cape, CM.

Gay Guy said...


Welcome aboard. Dynamite first comment. We hope you'll keep coming back to read us. And keep leaving those comments. We love 'em.

And, no, I did not write the Catty Man profile, though I wish I had.

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i found this blog.Added to my bookmark!

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