So, No One is Flying Under the Gaydar?

Straight Guy,

I didn't want to clutter the site with "news" coverage of Ricky Martin's coming out. Mostly because I'm happy for him and that Martin's going public doesn't qualify as news.

Still, here's a Chicago Tribune news clip from earlier this week that's worth reading.

The article points to research demonstrating that people have a "staggeringly good ability to judge sexual orientation." That includes closeted celebs. (And you, too, Uncle Len.)

A study at Northwestern researched people's ability to guess sexual orientation. Turns out, everyone's pretty good at it, at least in this small study. Is it a little proof that Gaydar might be real?

Back to Ricky Martin. I can't get too worked up about celebrities and their sexual orientation; if they aren't sleeping with me, why do I care. But hiding sexual orientation is somewhat different. Is that a double standard from me? It's just that more people in the world need to hear well-known folks say what Ricky Martin said this week: "I am very blessed to be who I am."

That quote was, hands down, his best recording ever.

--Gay Guy


Michael Rivers said...

Gaydar is very real. At least in my experience. Celebrities coming out is very touchy yet. Some careers aren't affected at all. Some are destroyed. Some get bigger. One day it won't matter, but I don't think we're anywhere close to that.

BosGuy said...

I find my gaydar has a "wishful thinking" component to my evaluation which can skew things. This works in both directions, for example the fact that Spacey is a closet case means nothing to me because I don't have one ounce of attraction for the guy. However, when Boston Red Sox player, Jacoby Ellsbury drives me to endless distraction and although I know he's straight - I still can't help but try to look for clues in his interviews and when / if I see him in town.

SteveA said...

My gaydar sucks. I'm always happy when smeone can break free and be themselves - whether they be a celeb or an ordinary person.

kathryn said...

How much was involved in this "gaydar" study? I mean, did they talk to someone for ten minutes, or did they follow them around for like, a month??

I wouldn't know if my gaydar is effective or not, 'cause I'd never ask.

I saw a show not that long ago on tv with a woman, her hubby and 2 kids. I would have sworn the guy was gay. (I'm realizing as I'm typing this that he still might be)

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