Gay Student Refuses to Skirt the Issue

Straight Guy,

This is a great get-people-at-their-own-game story. Short version: Woman protests with sign that reads, "Homosexuality is a sin, Christ can set you free." Sinner responds with sign that begs the question whether Christ can likewise set free the protester's fashion sin of an outfit.

Here's the full story from thefbomb.

Okay, okay . . . I know. It's not fair to attack the skirt. It was made ankle-length and corduroy, it didn't chose to be that way. Or did it? Skirts choose to be they way they are, right? Whichever reason, this skirt refuses to pass for something it isn't.

This kind of anti-gay-rhetoric-laden protest is a perfect illustration of why the idea of the United States is so great: Our First Amendment-guaranteed right to make an ass of ourselves in public.

Gay Guy no longer takes this kind of signs or shouts personally. Yeah, they still hurt a bit, but, in a weird way, I think they serve an ironic purpose: The more that people see ridiculous and hateful logic, the more they start to question it. Think Little Rock Nine.

The ankle-length-corduroy-skirt-stupid-hateful-sign-wearing woman protested at Syracuse University; she had some Evangelical competition at Yale. Read the news story. Typical right wing wack with a sign. Two guys got some smooch on in response to the torture by sign-boarding.

Now, following the sign logic, if "Homosexuality is a sin and Christ can set you free," then Jesus is going to be putting in some massive overtime. The sign at Yale lumps homosexuals in with the usual Hell-headed suspects: Democrats, liberals, feminists; Obama-voters (how au courant!), and dirty dancers (Dude, props for originality). Also on the highway to hell . . . fornicators, liars, and masturbators.

Inclusive list. I hope the highway to hell has an Easy Pass lane or there's going to be one hell of a traffic backup.

--Gay Guy


Gingerella said...

There are a couple of nut jobs that come onto the campus I work at too and stand up on the edge of the fountain (center of campus) with bibles in hand and yell at all the students that pass by that they're going to hell because they drink alcohol, fornicate, lie, etc. etc. yada yada yada. The students stand there and heckle them to get them even more worked up, to amuse them. A few times it's gotten rowdy and the police had to step in and break up the crowds. I suppose the nut jobs like them, and in your articles, feel duty-bound to protest in this manner, but honestly, what good do they think they're doing? Just makes me shake my head and sigh.

Straight Guy said...

My favorite part of the story is that the kid (drama major, natch) managed to rally 100 other folks to his side.

It's a poorly planned protest when a surprise mob appears to mock you. Anyone coming down the street could have joined her negative cause, but it looks like they ALL went the other way.

another gay guy said...

That skirt is hilarious! Wish I had been there.

Yeah, maybe the kid made it personal, but you know what they say: "It's not mean if it's true."

Straight in Upstate said...

Yale story: I loved that, by exclusion on the sign list, conservatives, Republicans, and talk show hosts are NOT going to hell. I've read the list in the Bible and I don't recall seeing "Obama voters" on there. And any good evangelical knows to "not let one word be added nor one word taken away" from Holy Scripture.

Syracuse story: What can I say, SU rocks! As opposed to other Big East schools who shall remain nameless, at least until later in the basketball season...

serendipitous said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award! Come check it out at my place to accept it. :) Congratulations!

Kathryn said...

I don't know...the whole thing just makes me crazy! There's always gonna be someone who thinks someone else is going to hell for not being like them.

I say, "It's none of your freakin' business, anyway. Now, be gone...and get a LIFE."

I'm stepping down now.

Straight Guy said...

I mean, this was in Syracuse... Imagine what would have happened to her (and her outfit) in Miami.

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