Gay/Straight Viral Video: Body Double

Here's the latest from Will Ferrell's Funny or Die web site. Standard NSFW warning applies... A little long for a one-joke skit. Harmless or homophobic? Can it be both?

Mark me down for "nervous laughter."

--Straight Guy


WannabeVirginia W. said...

okay I'm torn, it is homophobic because they put a woman's head on a male body therefore not acknowledging the two men having sex?
Yeah it is homophobic. What does GG think?

Gay Guy said...

I'm in a funny place about this video.

I'm not finding it particularly homophobic.

Yes, the joke is that two guys are shagging it, but it's not mean.

Here's the problem for me: What overpowers the homophobia is in the clip is that the male body double is out of shape. It makes fun of people who are out of shape more than it makes fun of gay people.

To me, the video says that sleeping with someone who is out of shape is worse than sleeping with someone of the same sex.

That's mean.

And SG, does any adult male really ever say "Giddyup!" when his female partner is on top?? Can your people get away with that?

David said...

Eh. I'm gay and when I watched it, I laughed a bit. I can see where one can say it is homophobic as it taps into what I would think would be a straight man's uncomfortable idea of having sex with another man. But as a gay man, I'll admit I was a little disturbed by it too!

David said...

@Gay Guy: I didn't find that that the male body was out of shape to be uncomfortable. More like the male body being "possessed" by woman. I don't know... I guess I'm like you and Straight Guy--in that "funny place."

BothWays said...

I think I'm missing the boat on how this is homophobic.

To me the clip turns on its head the initial joke - that the woman's body double is a fat guy, and therefore very low budget - with the "surprise" ending that she actually does just have the body of a fat dude.

So...yeah. I don't find the clip terribly amusing, but I also don't find it homophobic or fat-ophobic.

Vincent V said...

there's no underlying message, and the video just isn't funny. This same thing has been done many times.

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