Straight Guy Foodporn: Pimp My Burger Edition

Gay Guy,

Yes, the Cheese and Burger Society is nothing but a front for the Wisconsin Dairy Producers. Yes, they are using me as a viral marketing tool. Do I feel exploited? No, just a little empty inside... and by that I mean hungry as hell. Mission complete, dairy farmers, you shameless bastards. You got me.

Follow the link and let the java app load to view a rolodex of 30 creative cheeseburger recipes. Each features a sexy photo as well as a voice-over by Patrick Warburton, king of sarcastic macho over-annunciation. Don't forget to check out the "Meet the Cheese" bonus feature. "Never trust a man that doesn't eat Gorgonzola."

Forget wikipedia, this is why the internet exists.

Checking for ingredients to see if I can pull off a Crabby Louie (17) or Johnny Appleseed (29) immediately.

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

So, how much do you think he was paid to do this voice-over? 'Cause WE could do that, too...ya know.
How hard could it be??
PS: What if you're lactose intolerant? Where (on the internet) is a place for them?

Heather said...

This is amazing. The Miss Daisy? I mean just brilliant. Brie on a burger? Love. It. The Havana ranks pretty high also.

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