I Like Guys

Straight Guy,

Since you are on the road, I doubt you were able to listen to This American Life today for a repeat of this decade-plus-old story, I Like Guys, by David Sedaris. When you get back, give it a listen. Or read it in Sedaris' collection Naked, though nothing compares to listening to his voice.

Faggots, a drunk football coach/math teacher, nervous tics, camp loathing, bathroom issues, accordions -- it's packed.

I love Saturday radio; it's a wonder that I ever get out of the apartment.

--Gay Guy


Kathryn said...

GG: I don't know how I managed to get thru life without you. I listened to the whole podcast...and I'm SO GLAD I did. Was his experience unique? Typical? I'd had no idea. How could I? If I'd been with you in the car during this broadcast, there is NO WAY you'd have gotten me out till he'd finished.
Thanks for sharing...

another gay gay said...

Gay Guy,

I am interested in your answer to Kathryn's question? Is Sedaris' experience unique or universal? The story obviously meant something to you for to to you post it.

Kathryn and I want to know!

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