Must've Been a Beautiful Baby... But It's Gonna Cost You

Gay Guy,

An LA fertility clinic has just added a new search criteria to it's anonymous sperm bank catalog. Customers can look beyond the height, hair color, and education of the donor. Now you can also know whether he looks like Brad Pitt (not listed yet) or Brad Garrett (yes, listed, and extra points for honesty).

No guarantees, of course. Quote from the
California Cryobank website:
No celebrity is meant as an exact match for any donor, nor should you assume that your future children will look like any celebrity listed... consider the fact that many people look like both their parents, without their parents actually looking like each other.

That's small consolation if a slight misfiling error gets a donor knocked up by "James Gandolfini" instead of "James Franco." Just saying. Let's be careful with the vials.

Still, business is looking good the company. Here's a quote from an article at KTLA:

"The number one client question we get is: `Who does this donor look like?"' said Scott Brown of California Cryobank. "We decided this would be a great way to give thorough and consistent answers. Clients love it. Look-a-Likes has only been available for a week and our Web site traffic is up 50 percent."

I'm not sure who, exactly, is in the market for a Jerry Orbach look-a-like baby (yes, he's listed). But I created this photo as a warning to those who might not think that plan all the way through.

Sweet dreams.

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Before you said it was supposed to be Jerry Orbach, I thought that my friend's ex-husband had finally bred like he's been threatening to for years. i like Jerry Orbach.

Kathryn said...

I don't know why I'm surprised it's come to this. Dude, that is one scary baby.

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