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A friend and I sat next to each other at a work retreat yesterday. At the end of the day, she asked me if I thought that one of the presenters is gay. I'm not completely certain either way, but I suspect that he's straight. She thinks he's straight, too, but admitted that her gaydar isn't as finely attuned as mine.

My gaydar went off only at a low decible, but I did check him out. The first thing I look for is a wedding ring. No ring on his wedding finger. Score a few points there. I finally decided that he's not gay -- nothing conclusive went off.

But, I'm not willing to write him off completely. On his right hand, he wears a signet ring. Very suspicious.

My friend had seen the signet ring, too, and it put a small dent in her confidence in his straightness.

--Gay Guy


another gay gay said...

Unless the dude is from old East Coast money, the signet ring should indeed make your gaydar go off.

How old is he? If he's young, more gaydar rings. And, did the signet ring go with his overall outfit?

Lots of gaydar questions.

Straight in Upstate said...

Someone needs to speak up for the straight guys - how is a signet ring different from others - class ring, family monogram, etc. - and why is it inherently gay? Oh...I think I just answered my own question.

Kathryn said...

I've always wondered about rings (in general) on guys. I'll bet if you took a survey, you'd discover that more guys do NOT wear rings than do...even the married ones. Out of all the married guys I know, I'd say about 20% wear bands. The rest have all kinds of reasons why they don't-from not being a "ring-person" to it interfering w/their job.
I hold more respect for a committed guy who'll show the world he's off the market. GG: Do gay couples wear bands? Or, if not officially married, do they have something to show the world they're "taken"?

Straight Guy said...

Wedding band. Traditional. Plain. I was in charge of this small wedding detail and even managed to mess up the inscriptions. Just not my area.

Not sure if more rings = more gay. But I am sure that folks who wear a lot of bling are looking for attention, like the tattoo addicts (and Ed Hardy wannabes). They want to seem tough, but ultimately betray their inner drama queens. "Notice me! I will not be ignored!" Everyone wants to be validated, but come on.

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