Gay/Straight Dessert Debate: Check Out Our Quads!

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Here's a little gayguystraightguy survey data. Nothing universal, just me vs him. I guess it's no surprise that GG's refined palette appreciates tiramisu, creme brulee, and Godiva chocolates. I, however, am easily satisfied by selections available at the boardwalk, ballpark, and/or county fair.

Can't we all just get along? Yes. We found common ground (and cost-effective satisfation) in Snickers candy bars. Apple and key lime pies were also more than acceptable to both of us.

Cheesecake is lonely in the middleground. No love, no hate. Neither gay nor straight.

Readers, where do you fit in this tasty mix? Are you craving flan or Little Debbie? Anything we forgot?

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Finally, one of your surveys indicates that I'm totally straight. It's about time. I don't hate the GG desserts, I just don't feel their worth the time and money. I also enjoy jello and a good homemade fruitcake, soaked in alcohol - made with dried fruit, not the unnatural little squares you find in Claxton (sp?) fruitcake.

Kathryn said...

Well, you both had me at key lime all-time favorite. What about Italian pastries? Cannolis, etc? Pull any heartstrings there? What about cinammon buns with that white icing drizzled on top?
God, I'm hungry....

Gay Guy said...

Pudding, flan, creme brulle . . . I am sensing a texture issue for Straight Guy. Is this true. Do all straight men have these texture issues?

If I threw in that tapioca pudding is one of my faves would you just gag?

Gay Guy said...


Are you just yanking my chain? Is my humor at just an adolescent phase?

Cannolis? Icing-drizzled buns?

Dr. Freud, paging Dr. Freud. You have a message waiting for you.

Heather said...

I'm with Gay Guy on the desserts for the most part. Every country's variation on custard (don't forget panna cotta) are always at the top of the list.

Although I do love a good key lime pie. One dessert that I think is missing is carrot cake -- that's usually a big love it or hate it dessert.

Kyle said...

Looks like I get a mix of the Kinsey scale. I like something from every quad. Not a fan of key lime, though.

What about egg custard? Much more gelatinous than flan. Maybe that's another texture issue.

Straight Guy said...

Ewww, egg custard is getting close to rice pudding, which would fall completely off the graph scale for me. Disgusting. I treat it like a solar eclipse: know that it's there but don't look directly at it.

Carrot Cake? Depends on the frosting.

Kathryn said...

Gay Guy! Would I tease you like that??? No, I most certainly would NOT. Not for (at least) another year or so, anyway.

I don't read my blog...for if you DID, you'd know of my loooove for the cannoli.
As for the buns with the icing drizzled on top? I'd just come from the mall where they had one of those Cinnabun places that make your mouth water (even if you're not hungry, which I WAS).
I can imagine what you wud've thought had I said eclairs...I really WAS talking about FOOD!

Gay Guy said...


Not true, not true that I don't read your blog. I must have missed your love letter to the cannoli. (I can barely write that with a straight face.)

I figured you were just baiting me!

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