I'm Grudgingly Acceptable. I Can Live with That.

So true. Anyone not wearing their cap at 12 o'clock is a poser.

Brimmed caps serve two purposes only:
(1) To keep the sun out of your eyes.
(2) To disguise a bad case of weekend bed head.

From illustrator Lunchbreath. Check out his flickr stream. Anyone who hates Ed Hardy stuff as much as I do is all right with me.

Dudes sporting a backwards cap AND an Ed Hardy t-shirt should be stereotyped and avoided. Feel free to judge that book by it's cover. It's a very dull read, anyway.

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

You were the second post yest. that referenced Ed Hardy, so I looked him up. He hasn't made it to this burg yet, although we have two tattoo shops on the main street. Maybe I'm just not paying attention. But we have loser ballcaps aplenty.

Kathryn said...

I'd no idea there were such subtle differences between the intent/message based on a few degrees of rotation. I can see 12:00 being different from 6:00...and believe 3:00 makes one look well, stupid. But the rest? Seriously?? I think I could make it through life without needing to care about this. Hope that's okay.

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