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Straight Guy is away this week on a family vacation. Ironically, he's missing a story that's right up his alley.

As you might have deduced from reading the blog, SG has more of a pop culture orientation, and is interested in any kind of entertainment/informational technology. And, GG . . . well, not so much.

So, SG was the first person I thought of when I listened to this story this morning on Marketplace from American Public Radio. Listen to the Marketplace sound file, read the transcript and related stories.

To quote from the story transcript: "Sony has launched a new marketing site. It's targeted to dads who read parenting blogs. Sony's wading into some murky waters here, given the criticism that some Mommy bloggers have gotten lately for reviewing products they got for free, and not disclosing that fact. Sony says it's beyond all that."

I'm not interested in the ethical problems of promotional products for prose scheme. I'm interested in dads who read parenting blogs, because most parenting blogs make SG furious -- he says they cast straight men as man-child bumblers. No comments from me about straight men as man-child bumblers; I just talk about gay men as man-child bumblers.

More from the Marketplace piece: "What we're seeing with the rise of the Daddy blogs is there are some areas where men are the real decision makers. Gaming systems is clearly one of those. We'll see a little bit more emphasis on gadgets of all kinds. And, oh, by the way, cars too."

Gaming systems, gadgets, cars: three things that I could not care less about. I keep falling into traditional gay stereotypes, and it's tiresome. SG is pretty much on decision making targets: While I don't think SG cares much about cars, he could write a kick-ass blog about gaming systems and home entertainment systems. He's certainly my go-to guy for all things electronic.

So, what kind of consumer blog would I write, if I were to write one, to reflect my prowestt as a "real decision maker?" Here's what people ask me for help with:

-- Clothes (gay)
-- Restaurant recommendations (gay)
-- Vacation tips, especially hotels (gay)
-- Book theater, and movie reviews (nondenominational/curious at best)

I'd like to think that my interests and talents are three dimensional, but maybe not. This doesn't make me feel like a "male decision maker." What else am I good at? My friends tell me that I help them think through their problems in valuable ways. I don't really dispense directive advice, unless specifially asked, but I do like to tease out multiple perspectives. That's a talent, right? I give good directions and have good map skills. That's pretty straight, right?

But, cars? No. Gadgets? Only if you include kitchen gadgets.

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

I did so well on your food grid, now I'm back to wondering where I fit in. I don't make decisions about any of the "straight dad" issues, or even use the products they're targeting. (Car = minimally) Guess that's why I only read this blog and nothing else.

edder said...

I think you guys give good blog so I've bestowed you with a wee award.


p.s. GG: is this scarf okay with this jacket?

Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate,

See . . . you're a straight dad but you don't relate to the stated straight dad issues. Who decides these things anyway?

This is the reason why GG/SG exists, to explore these stereotypes. It's good for me as a gay man to learn that people wonder where they fit in. It always looks like you straight guys always know where you fit. Wrong assumption?

Also, I know you are very straight and a very good dad, so screw the blog trends.

Keep reading the blog!

Kathryn said...

Oh, GG. First of all, congrats on your latest award from edder. You totally deserve it and I hope it brings you new readers in scads.
As far as the Didi-Dad-Debate? Well, yeah...SG's & video games & male children are a natural combo. They kinda just...fit. But, most SG dads I talk to don't know how to identify with their little girls. As usual...the age-old question: How comfy wud a SG dad be playing on the floor with a Barbie & his daughter? Would he? Would a Gay dad be any more at home with it? Let me know. I'm listening...

Gay Guy said...


I don't want to 'out' SG too much, but he's away. On the topic of straight dads and identifying with their girls: He and Mrs. Straight Guy have two lovely girls, and he is a terrific dad. I've even seen him do a modified "ring around the rosie." And pull it off.

He does subscribe to the theory that as long as the kids' clothes are clean and weren't worn yesterday, who cares about style. Mrs. SG and I tsk tsk about this, but we don't judge.

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