Stockholm Syndrome: Straight Guy is 99% Gay

The Scandinavian gay community has created a "funny" widget which will analyze your twitter feed to rate you against the "hetero norm" to tell you how you rank. Somehow this is in celebration of the upcoming Stockholm Pride festival. All in good fun, let's see how GG and I shape up...

1% Heterostraight_guy is 1% Hetero

1% Heterogay_guy is 1% Hetero

Good Lord, what have I done? I'm gayer than Perez Hilton (39%)!

I realized that when GG and I started this project, there might be a little "gay by association" nonsense to deal with, but that was the whole point. We hoped that other folks could see that there's no need to self-segregate, or fear gay cooties (or straight cooties, for that matter).

Of course our subject matter might sway the results a bit. But completely? Now I might have to rethink my tweets. Can someone feed me about 500 straight-sounding 140-character essays? Some of the "found words" causing my present ranking: cola, sugar, fries, and wow. Sorry, not seeing the connection. Fries are gay? Wow. Oops! Would tweeting about Mr. Pibb and Tater Tots raise my score?

Perez ranks higher with the found words: Madonna and bitch. I even scored lower than Hugh Jackman who tweets about opera and South Beach. See what I mean? Hey Stockholm Pride, stop stereotyping me just because I'm friends with Gay Guy.

And I don't even like cola. I like lemonade. Wait, does that help my score?

Readers, if you tweet, run your feed and let us know how you do.

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

I checked out some of your tweets here on the sidebar. "wife", "Transformers", and "warrior robots" are all huge red flags. Borrow a rainbow from GG and get you to a Pride rally!!

Kathryn said...

Okay....are you ready? Just ran my feed. It came up 87% Hetero, with flag-words: rainbow, NY, body, heels & drink. Under that it states "Wow! You're double-hetero! Most people might think that single hetero is enough. Not you. You must be both blind and deaf to doubt about you."
Huh? Who said anything about doubting anything? And, why am I a double? I don't like the idea of being a screams "over the top!" Now, someone fix me a drink. This NY body with the stiletto heels is heading outside to look for a rainbow. Pul-ease.

Gay Guy said...

"Wife," "Transformers" and "Warrior Robots" as gay tip offs? SIU, explain. Or, am I missing some note of sarcasm here?

Straight Guy said...

Heavy sarcasm, GG.

Besides, my other posts were on jetskis, High Life beer, and cheeseburgers. What else to I have to do?

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