Nest Wrecking Hurts Everyone, Linda! Gay/Straight Rebuke

Straight Guy,

Remember Harry and Pepper, that nice gay couple in San Francisco I told you about? Sure, it looked like it was "just a phase" for a while, but they've been together for ages. They even raised a kid together. They looked so happy, right?

You will not believe it: They broke up. And, worse: Harry was led off by a female, a dame, a broad... a bird.

Don't take my word for it:
Read all about the tragic breakup of Harry and Pepper.

It's that fast piece of feathery baggage, Linda, the one who threw herself at old man Fig, when his missus was barely cold. Skank. Soon as Fig's dead, she's on to Harry. Gold digging, black widow bi-atch that Linda is.

I don't like to gossip, but Linda, Harry, and Pepper got into such a row that the authorities had to be called.

I am brokenhearted. Poor Pepper. I was thinking about having him over for a cold beer and the Miami Social premiere. A little Bravo makes everything go down easier.

--Gay Guy


Kathryn said...

BAD SG....bad, BAD SG. NOT fun. Linda's a devious,cold-blooded (and not in the good, penguin-like-way) hoochie. If she reproduces, I hope her offspring looks just like ole man Fig. Wud serve 'em both right. Grrrrr.

Straight Guy said...

OK OK. Comment removed. Nothing redeemable about Linda.

Still contend that this would be a great Animal Planet / Jerry Springer crossover.

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