Family Road Trip Muscles Through to the End

Straight Guy,

Got back a few days ago from the family odyssey with my parents. Two days down, two days there, two days back. On the whole, a nice time, but I happy to have back my bed and my space.

We got back to the city in time for the three of us to make the baseball game. The park has something called the fourth (maybe fifth) inning flex. There's a big announcement instructing the crowed to flex their stuff, and the cameras pan around the stadium. Lots of kids flexing pipe cleaner sized arms.

The camera panned on a really hot guy with amazing arms. He didn't even have to flex; he just casually laughed about being on camera and leaned back in his seat with his ever-more-amazing arms behind his head.

"Wow," said Gay Guy. "He's really got the goods."

"Yes, he does," agreed Gay Guy's mom.

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Two reactions:
Talk about a happy ending, and...
Eeww. I don't need to hear that about your mom.

Kathryn said...

One: I thought it was the SEVENTH inning stretch.
Two: Nice bonding moment with Mom. I'm guessing Dad stayed out of it.

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