Gaydar Check Needed on Straight Marriage Proposal

Multiple Choice:
(A) Dude has massive cajones
(B) Dude has a massive secret
(C) She's in on it, the whole thing is fake

Whatever it is, it's worked as viral marketing (we're here to help, corporate America!)

This video will hit a million views on YouTube soon. Reaction is wildly mixed, from joyful tears to all-caps rage that anyone got suckered by this, and, oh yeah, not a few "he's so gay" comments. At any rate, requests for special proposals at Disneyland are way up, and don't come cheap.

Links: Reuters, OC Weekly, YouTube

What do you think, GG? Readers?

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

OMG. I go with "B" and "C".....SO "C"....and the number wasn't even that good. How co-incidental that the guy had such a good singing voice...and the acoustics! Amazing for the middle of a crowd!

Straight Guy said...

Definitely the whole thing is staged and well prepped by Disney, the ONLY question is whether she was in on it, too. (Where did she think he was for all of that rehearsal time?) I bet if they could have found a real couple like that they they would have gone for it, but what are the odds. I'm with you that she's an actress, and she's better than him at selling this.

Anonymous said...

Hiya GG and SG! It's other Sipsie.

I only made it to 1:45 into the video. I couldn't watch the farce any longer. He's gayer than Gay Guy, but with a better voice and more hair! Total Disney promo material.

another gay guy said...


How much waxing did his eyebrows go under?

Are his lashes real? Maybe it's Manbelline?

Anonymous said...

HE IS GAY and that was a sideshow a.k.a. a staged public scene.

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