Ad Watch: Put It On! Put It On!

Gay Guy,

A dutch media company spent the last few weeks (and a whole lot of resources) threatening commuters with this campaign.

Luckily (yeah, sure), a radio station stepped in at the last minute to purchase the space. We will never know whether that threat was idle or not (ho hum).

Clever or cruel? Everyone has a laugh at this guy's expense, but I'd guess that if this was a woman, the rules would change. That's all right, we can take it.

Turns out, this guy now has a fan-base... of sorts.

--Straight Guy


Peter said...

They were put up within 1 week, monday to friday, so the state of undress would be most visible. Radio 2 was in it from the start.

Maybe they even got the advertisment for free...

Dorn said...

Since when does the sign company get the attention? Great campaign for themselves really...well, for those like me who laughed.

Straight Shooter said...

THAT is all kinds of Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yeah-- let's publicly shame people's bodies. Sick and twisted on their part.

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