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Straight Guy,

Here's hoping that all is well with you. My vacay is the best! I am really happy. However, this European keyboard is a little hard to figure out. . . .

Rome is absolutely wonderful. History and beauty are everywhere. Churches, too. With churches come priests. Rome being the center of the Catholic world, priests are everywhere. 

I know that I am shallow, and I know this will sound tragically shallow. . .  but there are some hot priests here. Smoking hot. These guys could fill the pews back home. Young, too. There was one guy in all his priest garb, black shirt, collar, black jacket, wearing skinny jeans. Hot. 

I even got the 2012 Hot Priests Calendar. This is completely legit. I am not making this up.

Shallow, I know. But, a travelogue is a travelogue.

Lest you fear, I have soaked of plenty of art, history and culture, and plenty of food. I am off for one last dose of ancient ruins before I take off for Florence tomorrow.

I will try to fire off another post soon.

--Gay Guy


straight in upstate said...

You can have your Hot Priests calendar, I'm sticking with the Hot Mormon Muffins calendar. (Did I learn about that here or somewhere else?)

Glad you're having a great time!

Peter said...

Check out they're still looking for single Catholic priests for their next calendar. ;)

victor said...

are the abused kids included in that hot priest calendar?

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