Ad Watch: Coming Home vs Coming Out

Brothers? Friends? Boyfriends? I was going to post a few witty insights. But I can't top "That's Gay" from Infomania on Current TV (see below).

There's a lot more on our AdWatch Tumblr.  New posts include bikers forced to hold hands for a Klondike Bar, a bad action movie for Dr. Pepper 10 (Not for Women!), and a Brut campaign that is cranky and mean (just like the men that use it).

Let us know what you think.

--Straight Guy

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Comfortably Straight said...

Are you kidding me? I am a straight, African American man and I ALWAYS hug my male friends as well as my female friends and there is absolutely nothing gay about it.

Did you really say "bro bros dont hug"? In my experience, its ESPECIALLY bro bros who hug. The closer and longer the friendship between two guys, the more likely the customary greeting between the bros will be a hug. NOT GAY.

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