Hall of Badassery: Do-It-Yourself Levee

From the Seattle Times:
A levee protects a home from the swollen Yazoo River. The flooded Mississippi River is forcing the Yazoo, a tributary, to back up where the two meet near Vicksburg, Miss. [photo: Getty Images]
I know that the need for this is tragic, and this photo only hints that there must be many other much sadder stories. But, dang, talk about taking matters into your own hands. I guess if you have the time and the tools, it is possible to take on Mother Nature.

--Straight Guy


straight in upstate said...

Which is more nerve-wracking - watching the river rise slowly and wipe you out, or wondering if your DIY levee will burst and wipe you out in a minute? Either way, not much sleeping going on at that house. But I admire the concept.

Rob from VA said...

As tragic as situations like these are, this is pretty epic. I hope the hard work that must have gone into that pays off.


Gay Guy said...

This takes DIY to a new level, or levee, as the case may be.

That is macho--you got my vote.

Straight Shooter said...

Hey, now that the waters are receding, he's got a kickin' shor-track motocross venue. Just sayin'.

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