Hi, Mom

Straight Guy,

Just right for Mother's Day, here's a clip from the Fabulous Beekman Boys website.  Watch the clip.

The Beekman Boys are Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, two Manhattanites who turned their weekend place in the country into full-time farming, books, a Planet Green reality show, and a couple of Williams-Sonoma deals.

Got goat-milk soap?

The show is just okay -- the reality TV tone washes out a genuinely interesting story. But, I met Josh and Brent at a food fest this year, so that makes watching it fun. (Yes, I am a celebrity whore.)

In this clip, Josh's mom gives him a flavor of her long ago life as a single woman. Call the clip "cruising for man meat with mom." Nice.

--Gay Guy


straight in upstate said...

You may have to convince me about this over beer this summer. The glimpse of the website just makes me want to yack, as does the phrase, "weekend place in the country."

Straight Guy said...

I saw these guys once, and my quick take was that they have a LOT of ideas about how to share their aesthetic, but it also seemed like they spent an awful lot of time complaining about how "tacky" stuff that didn't meet their standards was.

Their tacky is probably my everyday, BTW.

straight in upstate said...

I didn't know they were in Sharon Springs. I used to live near there. I love the line about "colorful local characters" they encounter - no, girlfriends, y'all are the characters, city boys making goat soap and thinking you're farmers. I'll keep my peace now, GG, since you like them.

Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate,

Wow, I feel like I've wandered into a land mine field with you. Or, given the topic of the Beekman Boys, a English cottage land mine garden.

I'm not the patron saint of TV's Gay Acres. I just watch the show sometimes. The appeal? Sometimes, sometimes, I think about quitting my job in the city, moving to a small town in the country (maybe a college town) and having a fresh start on a farm-ette with some sheep for wool and a few chickens for eggs and a big garden. I'd freeze and can and jar, make soap, sell wool, maybe keep some bees and live richly off their honey.

Okay, SIU, oh, longest-standing friend of my life, I can hear you laughing your ass off. I know I'd last about a month in the country trying to make a living at the farmers market scheme.

But, it's a nice fantasy.

SIU, you are spot-on about Josh and Brent being the "local color" not discovering local color. I wonder what the good folk of Sharon Springs feel about being suddently shot into the limelight. Does anyone really need to Rosie O'Donnell plus entourage roaming the town square?

But, this is exactly what I mean when I say that the show could be really interesting. Two guys give up the city life, try to be farmers --but precious ones, do a make-over on their new town. The residents want to go back to life as they knew it, but secretly are enjoy the cash influx. Earl at the Agway comes out. Town Council seriouly considers a ban on silk flowers within town limits. Tensions ensue. Wouldn't that be a good show?

Yes, these guys are in the life style business. Martha Stewart for gay men. But their Black Onion Jam is marvelous on cheese.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, a friend made jokes about some of the tacky gifts he and his wife received at their wedding. Then he showed me Exhibit A, a frosted glass candy dish. I wasn't brave enough to tell him that it would be one of the nicer gifts I would receive as a wedding gift.

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