Media Watch: The Ambiguously Gay Duo -- They're ALIVE!


Over the weekend, John Hamm, Steve Carell, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Ed Helms participated in a live-action twist of SNL's long-running cartoon segment (Carell and Colbert have been the voices of Ace and Gary since the 90s).

The Ambiguously Gay Duo, Ace and Gary, continue to thwart mega-villain Big Head's dastardly plots, but the main point of the sketch has always been the innuendo laced action and dialogue ("Ram it in the dumpster!") and the subsequent confusion and distraction of the bad guys. "They're gay, right?!?" And like those bewildered henchmen, sometimes the audience just doesn't know how to react. Yes, there's a base reaction to the juvenile humor. But there's a deeper social commentary about how paralyzed the closed-minded can get when deprived of their labels, and that the homophobic always seem a little too interested, and probably have issues of their own. Yet, these villains' greatest fear is being labeled as homophobes, themselves. The fact that it's all wrapped up in a spot-on spoof of 70s superhero cartoon shows is just icing on the cake.

Like many of SNL's skits, this one goes on a minute or two too long. But, readers, let me know: Laughing at? Laughing with? Or not laughing at all?

--Straight Guy


Straight Shooter said...

So funny! Love the AGD almost as much as the Ex President's. The live action twist is brilliant.

straight in upstate said...

Man...I'd never seen this before, and I stopped watching at 1:50. About as cringeworthy as SNL gets - and that's saying a lot. I'm not a fan of "let's take a one-liner and turn it into a five-minute bit"...or a feature film in the case of Superstar!, Ladies' Man, It's Pat!, etc.

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