Gaydar Check: Hail to the Chief


I'm getting back in the game after a few crazy weeks of work travel. I'll need to pick up the pace as GG is almost out the door for a fabulous vacation overseas. Safe travels, GG. (I'm proud to be your emergency contact. Though your passport photo is definitely a "straight guy special." We'll have to work on that.)

Readers, check out the photo above. Best Week Ever captions it: "Some guy met President Obama and went all Jim Jay Bullock on him, extending his wrist like the regal thing he is, while also giving his best OMFGGGFace."

Wow. Are Jim Jay Bullock references still effective at inferring super sassy gayness?

But yes, my sub-par gaydar pinged on this, too. Fair or foul?

--Straight Guy

Note: Blogger went down yesterday and my Sally Forth post (below) was lost and reposted. I think we lost some comments as they rebuilt the entire system. Sorry about that.

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straight in upstate said...

I swore JJB was dead, but apparently not, according to the Internet - not that I wish it so. I think Sassy Gay Friend would be a more timely reference in the article, but maybe the writer's out of the loop.

I think the caption's foul - leave the incredibly obvious, cheap shots to Glen and Rush, because it doesn't matter if the man's gay (or the woman's fat, or has wrinkles, or is short, or whatever else). Let's move along, people, nothing to see here.

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