Sunday Circular: He Got Clippy, and I Got Snippy

Straight Guy,

I am slowly reconnecting to my "real" life, following vacation and then jumping into a whirlwind of work. (Readers--SG and I just came off major work drama, which is one more impediment to blogging.) I've steadily been getting chores crossed off the list and thus feeling less out of control. 

One item on the to-do list was "coupons." You know that I love coupons. Clip, sort, save. Actually, I wish that manufacturers would just make stuff that costs less and skip all the consumer head games, but if you want to save me some cash, I'll play along. I try to stay up to date with the clipping, but yesterday I was staring down a sizable stack of Sunday inserts.

Easy, right? 

So, it got interesting: I've been dating this guy for a couple of months, and he was over at my place last evening. He thinks there are too many things on my list. Sweet guy that he is, he volunteered to help me get through the coupons. I wasn't sure that he could be much help, but he thought he had a good handle on what I shop for. After a bad start -- 'someone' made a miscall on whether I might want a L'Oreal mascara wand coupon -- he did fine. Which is to say that he admitted defeat and switched to scanning for expired coupons. 

I'm a brand loyalty guy. He's a "whatever's on sale" guy, which seems very butch to me. 

I guess I'm surprised, because what seemed transactional turned out to be very personal. I like what I like and I just can't turn those decisions over to someone else. I won't compromise or settle in regards to the soaps or shampoos that touch my body. But anything goes when it comes to dishwasher detergent. 

Readers, where will you or won't you compromise in the supermarket?

--Gay Guy


BosGuy said...

mascara huh? sounds like you two have some interesting nights out. LoL

You are a good man. I have no patience for coupon clipping.

Glad to read that the work drama has passed and hope that your vacation was relaxing. Did the un-named BF join you on the vacation?

Anonymous said...

Some might say the work drama has only just started.

Molly Louise said...

Work drama is always a drain. Good to know it passed.

Can't do off-brand Oreos or any other toothpaste but Crest. Anything else though is fair game as for what's on sale this week. We are coupon clippers in my house.

straight in upstate said...

He volunteered....or you trapped him into some weird relationship test?

Amen, Molly Louise - sandwich creme cookies are NOT Oreos. We're blessed with Wegman's that has very good store brands, so I'm pretty flexible on most things - except for the ones with strong associations. Oreos, Grandma Brown's Baked Beans (it's a regional thing), Hebrew National hot dogs (I'm not Jewish, but they answer to a higher power, you know).

TorqueStory said...

GG, I had no idea you were into coupons. I wouldn't have thought you were into mascara either, so I got at least one right.

I was very into coupons several years ago, and even had one of those coupon organizer thingies with file tabs for meat, dairy, canned goods, etc. Then Whole Foods came to town, and there were no longer coupons for what I was shopping for.

Dorn said...

I'm very brand loyal with toilet paper, paper towels and bleach. I like what works the best and doesn't harm me doing so. Everything else I'm fairly flexible on assuming it's apples to apples.

That said, I will find a sale and realize I've never tried any other brand of something and have no rationale other than habit.

David said...

I'm pretty loyal to a few set of stores (Meijer, Walmart, and Aldi) but I pretty much go with whatever is on sale and build my meals around that. One thing I will not compromise on though is Kraft Mac & Cheese. I ate it as a kid and I will eat it as an old man (because you don't need teeth for 'em).

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