Things Straight Guy Hates Immediately: Cufts

Cufts: Attaching the indispensable directly to the disposable. What can go wrong? Hey, do you also have a way to clip my car keys to this banana peel?

Back to the drawing board, Cufts.

(Note: Yes. You can wear them your wrist or ankle, which is smart. But this is how they are marketing it. Dumb.)

--Straight Guy

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straight in upstate said...

"And keeps paper cuffs out of landfills." The billion big-ass cups and lids are still goin' straight in, but you'll save half an ounce of paper. Oh, you'll be at the landfill as well, digging through half a ton of garbage for your Cuft with your gold card that you tossed in the trash can.

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