City Watch: Things Gay Guy Would Love to See More Often

Straight Guy,

The crazy work load and stress continues, so any break feels great these days.

This sign was taped to a lamp post in my neighborhood. It made me smile. My neighborhood is full of quirks, which I often forget to appreciate.

Love the phrase, "I call the maracas." It's my new go-to response to anything annoying. 

--Gay Guy


SFO said...

Gay Guy,

Does your blast of enthusiasm mean you'll be wandering the streets in a charro suit and over-sized hat?

If so, please take pictures and post them here.

straight in upstate said...

What's the vibe in your neighborhood? Is some art student being...something humorously artsy, or do you have folks who would start a mariachi band?

The local college radio station used to run Radio Bilingue every morning - Hispanic news but mostly mariachi and Tejano music. It got me going every morning...then they dumped it for John Hockenberry. Boo hiss.

Gay Guy said...


It's a 50/50 chance of art hipster or Mexican music aficionado in this 'hood.

Dorn said...

Might have to steal "I call the maracas" for myself. Thanks for the laugh GG.

Straight Guy said...

When GG uses "quirks" to describe some of the people in his neighborhood, he is being VERY generous.

I call the guiro - which is that ridged gourd thingy - because all the ladies love the guiro player.

Anonymous said...


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